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Basics of All Major Religions are the SAME!

All major religions in the world preach peace and well being. They are for good of the humanity. Most religions believe in one God after all. One authority in the end. If you look at all religions there is much more common in them than differences. Then What is the fight about?


People fight for any reason what so ever, they will do so in the name of religion as well. So they do.

Usually there are ulterer motives behind all the wars waged in the name of any religion. It's either to satisfy lust for wealth or land or more control etc.


People who fight have actually for gotten the basic premise of a religion, which is the goodness for goodness sake.


So let's unite and spread joy happiness in and around our world to live and appreciate all the blessings in this world and beyond.


Let's share our wealth and riches and leave no man hungry and every one prosperous. Let's give love to recieve it. Let's believe in Good Karma and seek inner peace.


Let's forgive enemies and all to promote co-operation instead of competition. Believe that all are one and one is all.

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Very interesting and informative. The vidios are exceptional. Thank you for taking the time to share. Well done!
Yes,I totally agree with you Hummayun!
It all comes down to love ourselfs,and others with respect about our differences,and that there is as many True answers as there is people. <3
I believe in this great energy called unconditional Love.and I believe no matter what we call our all comes down to act of LOVE. Only trough love we can all connect and be ONE :)

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