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Good Thoughts give Good things and bad Thoughts bad.

Good thoughts give good things and bad thoughts bad.

You might find yourselves in circumstances that you don't want but they
are the results of your thoughts. You can change the circumstances by
first changing your thoughts.

More you think about disease more you get it. Think health.

Fear, resentment, envy and all negative thoughts of worry, fear and
stress compromises the inherent natural protective system in our bodies.

Meditate and visualize health and you will be healthier.

Happy and cheerful thoughts with trying to find good in everybody and
every circumstance help in the healing process.

Miracles do happen if you believe in them. As a physician, I have
myself witnessed many.

You need to have a purpose to direct your thoughts into concentrated
effort. With out a defined purpose you can easily be side tracked and
miss your goals.

Wishes and prayers will not work if your inner thoughts do not
correspond to their fulfillment.

If you understand the paradigm of cause and effect, you will realize
all that is happening around you is the product of and caused by your

All the achievements of a person are achieved due to his thoughts. After
achieving the desired objectives, watchfulness is required over ones
thoughts to prevent failures.

This understanding leads to calm and serenity. Thus you can control
your anger and acquire peace and divinity.

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