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Wallace Wattles, in his classic book, Science of Getting Rich explains God as a substance that is present in universe, in and around all planets, stars and spaces in between them and all around us. He is a thinking substance and we can impress upon him our thoughts to create things that we desire.

To get riches you will also have to deal with people and do best in business that you like and have talent and skill for. Then you have to know what you really want and have a clear vision about it.

There is abundance in the universe and enough for everyone. So we need not compete but be creative.

Substance is all giving and intelligent. It responds to our every need. Its motive is increase of life and expresses itself through us.

This substance creates all things by his thoughts. Human beings can also think and thus impress upon this substance to produce desired results. We have to do this with complete faith in this philosophy.

You have to be thankful for what you have received and also for all the desires as if already received with faith.

Man must act now to receive what he has asked for. Action and not inaction will enable you to receive when it is given to you.

You can not be selfish but should want to benefit everyone and get benefits for yourself.

So this thinking and intelligent substance filling all universe creates all things by his thoughts and if you have a clear and definitive desire and vision, your thought impressed upon it with faith and gratitude remaining unselfish with action, becomes manifest.

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