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Henry Thomas Hamblin, in his book, “Dynamic Thought” teaches the way to achieve success, prosperity, health, wealth, love and happiness.

God is in us and we can become one with him by denial of evil, affirmation of good with meditation upon and visualization of these facts of truth.

We have to realize all good exist in God and we become one with him to get in line to receive all good in our lives and all evil disappears.

We have to do this by meditation and visualization twice a day every day all our lives.

Feel our spiritual transformation with persistence and devotion. It might take time to manifest but change starts already even if we cannot see it right away.

Little by little good starts replacing evil and eventually we get peace and happiness and all we desire in this life and hereafter.

We can heal ourselves and our beloved ones as well and keep all evil away from them too.

We are all one and connected as part of the whole.

This is the experience of all the great mystics of the world and hidden message of all the religions for thousands of years.

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