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Genevieve Behrend has written this classic book, “Your Invisible Power”. She describes it as the power within you according the teachings of Thomas Troward.

What ever thoughts you think, feel or see are sent back to you by Universal mind as manifestations. She calls it “Natural law of Reciprocal Action”.

Visualization is thoughts of things or circumstances as you see them completed. More enthusiasm and feeling you put, more of it comes to manifest. With the fulfillment of your desires your faith strengthens.

You soon find that Universal mind is the source of all realization of your vision, your ideals and desires. You do not need any one else to depend on.

We should seriously think and know as to what we really want and further analyze the ramifications of our achievements and then Ask with belief and receive.

She says, “And as you grow in the comprehension that your being, your individuality, is God particularizing Himself, you naturally develop Divine tendencies.”

It is what you habitually think in the matters of health, wealth and love, you get just that and can be a source of perpetual happiness as The Universal mind manifest itself through you. As all thoughts were his thoughts to begin with waiting to be expressed in you.

All thoughts good or bad are creative in nature. So be careful what you think.

Nature and universal mind is intelligent and feels, is all around and in and through all things. He is within you as well and is amenable to suggestions. With your conscious mind your desires can come true by suggestions from a person or innate objects of your landscape. You then need to act.

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